About Nomiky

My name is Osnat a fashion designer and the owner of NOMIKY children designed clothing.
nomiky is a fashion& accessorize brand for girls and infants which was established in favor of my endless love for design creativity and my daughters Amit and Noam.
Children’s apparel designing is very significant to me.

The purity and softness of infants and children along with their joy of life are my inspiration for my designs.

My passion for fashion and art started when i was very young. 
I used to watch my grandfather Yosef who was an intelligent elite jackets sewer making fashionable items and was thrilled by his precise work.
Over the years I made many art works such as drawings, artistic makeup and sewing.
After completing my first degree at communications and after my first child Amit was born I started designing and sewing clothes for her. My passion for fashion and art along with the enthusiastic comments and feedbacks I received on my work, inspired me to apply for fashion studies at Shenkar institute and open my own business.  

nomiky girls designed outfits was established in summer 2014.

I designed several winter and summer collections for infants and toddlers, and recently designed my special occasion dress collection for young girls.  

When I design and sew a model, I make sure to choose a high quality fabrics suited for babies and children.
The uniqueness of my designs is the fabric and colors combinations and the flattering patterns which I fit to the child’s age.